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T-SKY fireworks light up the sky !

T-SKY always working on new products and designs to meet your needs!

About Us


A Team to Thunder the sky for Target of our Trusted Customers in fireworks industry from China.

Trust-Given to make efficient and reliable
We believe trust makes things simple which include trust between our customers and us,trust among our team members.
We are ready to take our responsibility in any difficult situations for the trust from you to our T-SKY company.

Target-Set for direction and efforts.
Do all what we can to provide our customers with high quality products,best services and valuable solutions.
Dedicate to the success of our clients and T-SKY team members.

Team-Built for stablity and capability
Every member spares no pains to the career under partnership instead of just employment in T-SKY company.
Experienced elites from fireworks industry unite T-SKY to be a strong team with high capability。

Thunder-Counted on our awsome and amazing product lines
Products must be designed creatively and made consistently in T-SKY fireworks.
Price never exceeds value and happiness brought to our clients.



Here at T-SKY, we are one big family from our management executives, the design team, the product development team, the testing and quality control team, the sales team, and the logistics team all working seamlessly to make T-SKY the most trusted and customer-preferred fireworks company. We have a perfect blend of experienced industry experts and young emerging experts for a sustainable business model.

We research and understand your unique ideas, needs, and product preference to guarantee that the model created turns your inspirations into reality. This creates the perfect blend of fireworks color and sound for an unforgettable experience.

With over a decade of experience, T-SKY is your best choice


T-SKY’s products have absolute quality assurance, and each customer’s voice is our best to prove.

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